Montessori Philosophy

MontessoriAt its core, the philosophy is simple, to follow the child, which assumes that every child is a unique individual who is naturally driven to grow, develop and learn. Montessori is based on the principle of free choice of purposeful activity. Every classroom at Montessori Magnet operates on the principle of ‘freedom within limits’ and stands on the Montessori belief – ‘respect for each other and the environment’ creating a true sense of community.
In the mixed aged classroom the child is free to work at his/her own pace. They use materials they have chosen within a prescribed range of options. The guide relies on their scientific observation to determine which new materials and lessons would be appropriate to introduce to the child next. The aim is to encourage active, positive and self-directed learning. The younger children are inspired and motivated asking for explanations, while older children share what they have learned simultaneously reinforcing their own learning and leadership skills. This encourages an atmosphere of inspiration and cooperation.