Primary Program (Ages 3 – 6)

Montessori PrimaryThe primary curriculum includes standards in the following areas: practical life skills, sensorial, language, math, and cultural studies. Three to six year olds are sensorial explorers who need to manipulate concrete materials to understand abstract ideas. They have a strong desire to acquire knowledge of the environment and to be independent. They go through sensitive periods of intense attraction to experiences involving language, order and movement.
Therefore, through concrete experiences, the goals of our primary curriculum include the following:
  1. Develop a rich vocabulary and oral expression
  2. Develop a strong foundation in phonetics
  3. Develop a concrete impression of math quantities and processes that lead to abstract concepts
  4. Develop coordination and refinement of movement
  5. Build concentration to complete a task
  6. Increase confident awareness of one’s own abilities
  7. Increase awareness of others and how to interact appropriately
  8. Strengthen and refine learning through each of the senses
  9. Develop fine motor skills (the pincer grasp in preparation for writing)
  10. Engage in a wide variety of cultural studies
  11. Stimulate children‘s natural curiosity
  12. Explore the arts to foster creativity and self-expression