School Governance Council (SGC)

The SGC is a decision-making body of our school which focuses on enhancing the quality of the school. The overall mission of the SGC is to serve our school by developing and implementing plans and changes that addresses areas within our school to increase student achievement, parental participation and accountability of our students, parents and staff. The SGC is comprised of parents, school staff, community members and the principal all working together to improve our school. A full list of roles and responsibilities is listed in the HPS School Governance Policy 1211 and the HPS Parent Brochure

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SGC Members

Beayanka Pinckney Naraine Parent
Rosana Bannock Teacher
Jedda Williams Community Member
Robert  Eikel Parent
John Duenas Parent
Carolyn Havrda Principal
DeeDee Kielbasa-Desmarais Teacher
Mary Matos Community Member
Mark  Iwanicki Teacher
Cecilia Schlossberg Teacher
Annette Santana Parent, Chairperson