Faculty and Staff

Primary Guides

Lauren Akerlind
Cindy Kehoe
Dee Dee Kielbasa-Desmarais
Cruz Mandell
Michele Slater
Ruth Tracy

Lower Elementary Guides

Jeannie Galowitz
Marsha Marshall
Cecilia Schlossberg
Eileen Spalla

Upper Elementary Guides

Mark Hilsdon


John Aprea
Benita Denisiewicz
Nicole Giannantonio
Carrie Green
Anne-Marie Gregory
Mariceli Guzman-Rodriguez
Suzanne McCusker
Yessinia Medina
Aruna Ramesh
Diane Rodney
Kathryn Russell
Christine Wirges

Dean of Students

Anthony Kydd

Projects & Programs Support Facilitator

Kerry McNamee

Yoga and Mindfulness

Patricia Lavey

Operations Manager

Sara Freedman

Executive Assistant

Carmen Gonzalez

Family Support Service Provider

Graciela Rivera

Reading Teacher

Rosie Bannock


Melissa Wagner Pavick
Erika Ylles

Resource Teachers

Myrna Rabin

Social Worker

Michelle Wiggins

Special Ed

Dr. Nicole Colcaire

Speech Therapist

MaryAnne Lusk

Special Police Officer

Gilberto Pena
Eric Lamon

Primary Coach

Bernadette Perkins

Primary Art Resource

Elaine Agnew

Elementary Art Resource

Allison Spector

Elementary Music

Jessie Ponzo